Technology in Home Health Care

Technology in Home Health Care

Technology continues to play an increasingly important role in home health care. With the spread of COVID -19 and the need for on-going precautions, technology is one area that has played an important role in ensuring patients receive the care they need while caregivers and the community reduce exposure to the virus. Additionally, technology is allowing for more thorough and accurate diagnosis, more rapid treatments, and quicker recovery.

We at Comprehensive Home Health & Hospice deploy multiple technologies to provide the highest levels of care and patient satisfaction, including teleheath and other tools. Today however, we wanted to take a moment to highlight one particular technology we use to help our patients, that significantly sets Comprehensive Home Health & Hospice apart from other providers. Improves patients outcomes.

Tissue Analytics wound care management technology allows wounds to be easily tracked by physicians from a highly secure cloud based dashboard, at any time from any location. This helps ensure rapid recovery and healing for patients.

This advanced wound care technology from Tissue Analytics allows a photo to be taken of a wound with a smartphone or tablet. With that image, the Tissue Analytics system allows a significant amount of data to be analyzed and tracked to ensure proper healing and be assessed by an ostomy certified nurse. For example, the wound dimensions can be measured in an extremely accurate manner. Gone are the days of trying to measure a wound with a ruler, causing patients potential pain, leaving room for error, providing almost no way to track wound progress, and cataloging only sporadic information.

The tissue Analytics system also allows the tissue composition of the wound to be identified and classified to accurately track the wound history and identify important data points throughout the healing process. All wound data is securely stored in the cloud so healthcare providers can access the data from anywhere, whenever they need it. With the ability to comprehensively analyze and track the progress of a wound through a web-based dashboard, clinicians are able to quickly and accurately asses the status of a wound, the healing patterns, and make any needed adjustments to ensure a speedy recovery. All while adhering to HIPPA and other privacy regulations to ensure patient confidentiality.